Next-gen sterilization software

SterilTrack is an RFID technology-based software solution that aims to help sterilization facilities to better control and monitor the sterilization process.

Details about SterilTrack - an RFID technology based software solution developed by ASSIST Software

Key features

The digital transformation of sterilization facilities is happening now. Take an active role in improving sterilization processes by deploying the latest piece of technology in sterilization - SterilTrack

Benefits of using SterilTrack - a Tracking Sterilization Platform
      developed by ASSIST Software


Nowadays, in many sterilization facilities, processes are not automated and people are still using Excel files, or even pen and paper to keep track of every medical kit and surgical instrument that goes through washing and sterilization processes. This is where SterilTrack comes in!

  • Audits sterilization processes - SterilTrack allows operators and administrators to easily record all of their sterilization processes.
  • Can quickly locate any specific medical instruments, kits or devices.
  • Enforces strict rules to reduce human errors - The application is built on a state machine setup that has a default set of steps that need to be followed in order to successfully complete an entire process
  • Validates the sterilization of surgical instruments. The bulk scan allows operators to validate the content of a kit after it comes out of a machine. The bulk scan can save doctors a lot of time because usually they validate medical kits manually.

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Watch this video of our team explaining SterilTrack's use cases and features.